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Top Tips for a Sustainable Landscape

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

lawn care Calgary

Summer flowers are coming soon, Calgary. Very soon.

In our last post, we discussed some of the benefits proper lawn care and yard work can have for the appearance of your Calgary lawn & garden. From giving your home or work a more polished, functional look to adding to your property’s value, proper yard work and lawn care in Calgary can make a world of difference.

In this post, we’ll talk about just some of the many benefits of doing your Calgary lawn care and yard work with long-term sustainability in mind.

According to Capt. Obvious, the more sustainably you create and maintain your garden the longer it will last. It also helps you save cash in the long-term.

Though in the short-term this may mean shelling out a little bit more for higher-quality materials, in the long-term it means less time and money spent on maintenance and repair work… All of which can otherwise add up to being much more than anyone anticipated!

What follows are a couple of ways to create a beautiful lawn and/or garden with long-term sustainability in mind.

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The Chemistry of De-Icing Salts

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With the warm September days and evenings still upon us, it’s hard to believe ice and snow are just around the corner.  Yet now is time to think ahead and perhaps buy some de-icing salts to keep on hand for the first snowfall.  Here is an article about the chemistry of pavement salts.  There’s no recommendations, however, just information.  But now we can look at what’s in de-icing salts.

Superyards, your snow removal experts.

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Meet the landscaper

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Jon Mobile: 403.836.9273



Jon Stotz is a landscaping visionary with an eye for practicality. Finding landscaping solutions in Calgary’s difficult growing climate is Jon’s forte. If you have a problem in your yard, call Jon today at 403 836-9273 for help.




Calgary landscaping professionals since 2002.

We have ventured into the snow removal business and has 2 successful seasons of Calgary’s best snow removal under our belts! If you live in a condominium, call Jon today to discuss our “Low price by 10%” promotion. Just show us your most recent landscaping maintenance contract, and we will beat it by 10%. You will get incredible service at a great price.

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Lawn Care Calgary

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Superyards located in Calgary can help you have a super yard!

Winter, spring, summer, and Fall…we do it all. If it will improve your yard, we’ll do it. Call us and we will give our best, every time. We are Calgary lawn care specialists.

Superyards announces a new spring cleanup deal for our customers in Calgary. For about the cost of renting the equipment yourself, and without the headaches of waiting for high demand equipment at the rental shop, Superyards will aerate and power rake your yard. The service starts at $89 dollars. Compare this to competitors who charge $179 and up for a spring clean up. This service is a budget friendly landscaping solution for our customers that enjoy working in their own yard, but do not have access to the power equipment needed to accomplish a great spring clean up. Visit to book your service and to view our year round solutions for landscaping in Calgary. Call 403 836-9273 or email to book today!

Creating and maintaining Superyards for 9 years in Calgary.

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How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

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Lawn Care Tips

Here is a wonderful article on lawn care by Wikihow.  Its advice is easy to read and to follow.  We will never over fertilize as they complain some professional lawn care companies do.

If you want a lawn or yard that looks wonderful but don’t have time to do the work yourself, or would like a little help, Superyards can help you, we are the quality yard work specialists of Calgary.

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