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Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Posted by on Nov 6, 2014 in Lawn Care | 0 comments

Winter is coming.


Calgary snow removal services

Bundle up your yards – it’s gonna get cold!

As Calgarians, we all instinctively know old man Winter’s on his way. But putting that knowledge into practical action is a totally different thing – why prepare your yard (or anything else) for winter when those warm, glorious days of summer are such a fresh memory?!

Yet preparation is absolutely necessary. Commercials are already telling you to get those winter tires on your car, Christmas advertising is already in full swing, and the flannel sheets are in the wash. But not enough attention is paid to what needs to be done to ready your lawn and garden for the winter months… Which is too bad, since a healthy yard is a beautiful yard and proper winter maintenance is integral to keeping your front and back yard happy & healthy.

Follow these 7 tips for winter lawn maintenance and watch as your yard thanks you in the warmer times ahead!

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When to Cut Your Lawn

Posted by on Oct 3, 2014 in Lawn Care | 0 comments

Green well-kept lawn

How often should you cut your grass? How long should your grass be after mowing. These are the eternal, and sometimes controversial, questions of good lawn care.

The first question is easy to answer. If you think your lawn looks a mess, cut it. It will look better and you will be satisfied. Never mow when your grass is wet, especially if it is long. The weight of your mower and your footsteps will press the wet grass into the soil and may result in unsightly yellow or even bare spots.

Fancy grasses can be cut short – less than one and one-half inches – two or three times a week. These grasses are very expensive, however, and need a lot of close care, not unlike golf putting greens. Most ordinary grasses look best and grow best at between one and one-half and two and one-half inches. Three and one-half inches is doable, but, again requires more care.  Mowing once a week should be sufficient.

If you cut your grass too short this can result in dry spots as the roots are not able to take up enough water. Watering twice a week for about an hour is usually enough in ordinary weather. A particularly dry summer may require more watering. It’s always good to cut your grass short – one and one-half inches – the last time you mow in the autumn.

Finally, of course, remember your neighbours. No mowing at 7:00 am on the weekend. Wait until 11:00 and everyone will feel much better.

Need help with lawn mowing or lawn care?  Superyards Lawn Mowing Service

We also do snow removal.

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Natural Herbicide

Posted by on May 5, 2014 in Lawn Care, Organic Lawn Care | 0 comments

Nobody wants a lawn that looks like a dandelion or crabgrass farm. But getting rid of these and other pesky intruders can test your will to garden, especially if you are averse to chemicals. Well, Superyards can help. We’ll show you how to get rid of weeds and, if you please, do it without using chemicals.

It takes longer to clean up your yard naturally and it’s more work, but can be enjoyable and productive exercise. Here are some suggestions to get you started. For the best exercise you can do it by hand. Get one of those dandelion diggers that looks like a long screwdriver with a “v” cut out of its flat head, get down on your knees and get to work. Remember to get all of each root out or the little yellow flowers will soon poke back up. Stand up and be proud, of yourself and your yard.

This doesn’t work as well with crabgrass and other creepy crawly weeds whose roots are the devil to find and pull up. So, you’ll probably want to whip up some natural poison and spray them to death. Here’s a good recipe: Get a gallon jug and fill it with a 10 per cent concentration of vinegar. Add one ounce of orange oil, one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and one teaspoon of molasses. Gently shake the jug to mix the ingredients. Fill a quart spray bottle with the natural weed killer and let ‘em have it. Be careful not to hit the plants you want to keep growing. Salt works even better, but it corrupts the soil and kills dead everything it touches. Only use it for spot work.

Once you have cleared away the weeds you can keep them from coming back by mulching your grass cuttings – a special lawn mower blade is available – and applying corn gluten meal.

If DIY isn’t your thing, call us at Superyards and we’ll do it all for you naturally. If you live in Calgary, lawn care (yes, organic) is our passion.

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Make Your Yard a Kaleidoscope of Colour

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Organic Lawn Care | 0 comments


Garden Colour in Calgary’s Memorial Park

Superyards wants to help make your yard a kaleidoscope of colour this spring. If you don’t like chemical fertilizers you don’t have to use them. Natural, organic fertilizers are readily available or you can do it yourself cheaply and easily by composting. Whichever method you chose, Superyards is ready to help ensure that your natural fertilizer is applied at the right time and in the right amount.

Composting is probably the most satisfying method because it costs next to nothing and you know exactly what is in the fertilizer being applied on your lawn and gardens. Even better, you don’t have to haul it.

What is compost? Essentially it is your household garbage. Grass clippings, fallen leaves, fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds and paper products all combine to create a dark, rich fertilizer that will make your grass greener and your flowers and vegetables a bright rainbow of colors. Be careful, however, not to include any plastics, salad dressing, meat, fish, dead animals or animal waste in your compost pile or bin. Use caution when raking leaves in the fall and stick to before meal preparation scraps avoiding leftovers.

You have to start early though; it takes a while for your compost to build up and decompose into a nitrate and phosphorus rich loam. You can begin this spring with cow and/or chicken manure if it is available. Remember that the nutritional value of these traditional natural fertilizers depends on the animals living on a natural diet and the manure being reasonably fresh. It loses its nutrient value as it dries. Purchase your supplies from small, preferably organic, farms or, if allowed, raise your own chickens.

If you want help just call us at Superyards, we stand ready to assist with your lawn or do it all.

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Pay Attention if you Live on a Snow Route

Posted by on Jan 21, 2014 in City of Calgary News on Snow Removal, Snow Removal | 0 comments

A photo of a snow route sign.

Here’s a snow route sign from City of Calgary website.

When big snow comes the last thing you need is to be without a car, but you may well be if you happen to miss a snow alert. Calgary has been a lot wetter place recently with snow filling the streets more often than anyone can remember.

Time was you could expect a big dump once, twice, at most three times in a winter. The old joke used to be a few centimeters of snow comes down then is blown to Winnipeg and back all winter. No more.This year centimeters fall upon centimeters upon meters until you can barely see your car parked at the front curb let alone drive it out. But you had better get at it quick if you live on a Snow Route because the city will move it for you and you won’t like where they take it.

Record snowfalls have caused the city to declare all major and collector roads and bus routes in Calgary to be Snow Routes with no parking allowed for up to 72 hours during a “Snow Event”. This permits city crews easy and quick access to major roads, collector roads, community access roads and most bus routes. The bans remain in effect until the city declares they have been lifted.

So, be prepared and you won’t be caught without a car. If you suspect a Snow Event is in the offing, or even if you don’t, check it out before going to bed or as soon as you get up in the morning. In addition to radio and television announcements, events are declared on the web,, on twitter, @yyctransport, via Email if you subscribe and on the telephone by calling 311 to hear a recorded message. You can get more information on the City of Calgary Snow Route. You can download an app for your android, blackberry, or iphone on that page.

If your car is packed into the snow call Superyards for snow removal and they’ll be there before you are dressed. Why not contract with Superyards, then you won’t even have to make a phone call. Superyards will also do all your sidewalks giving you an open path to your car. If you require a clear space behind your house to park during a Snow Event, Superyards will take care of that too. If fact, Superyards will take care of everything outside your house winter and summer so you don’t have to.

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Update for City of Calgary Snow Removal

Posted by on Jan 12, 2014 in Snow Removal | 0 comments

The snow has really been accumulating on Calgary roads, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and parking lots. Usually removal consists of moving it off the road or other surfaces into mounds on the side of road. Yet if the mounds on the roads get too big then that makes driving difficult on those streets.

The roads are about to get better. The City of Calgary is going to spend 6.7 million to actually remove the snow not just push it to the side. Here is the story from the Herald.

Superyards is here to remove the snow from your sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and parking lots.  We do both commercial and residential snow removal.

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