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We Love Calgary Snow Removal. We do it all!

Tired of removing snow from your sidewalks, driveway, parking lot? Let us clear the snow away for you!! We love doing snow removal and we have our own shovels, snow blowers, and plows!!  We do both commercial and residential jobs in the Calgary area.  We’ll make winter storms easier on you by exceeding your expectations and easing your work load.

We offer these snow services: snow shoveling, snow plowing, ice removal, porch and steps snow clearing, sidewalk snow removal, parking lot snow clearing, sand and salting, and more for both home snow removal and business snow removal.



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Commercial and Condo Snow Removal

If you are Calgary business, we’ll have your parking lot plowed before your employees and customers arrive.  Or if you are a condo association or board, we can have your public areas cleared before owners and residents leave for work.  We know you don’t want the accumulation of snow on your parking lot, walks, or entrance way to prevent clients and employees from entering safely or to be discouraged from entering at all because of accessibility or difficulty in walking. So we’ll do your snow removal services before everyone arrives. We have plows for the parking lot, and also do shoveling and snow blowing wherever needed.

Here is more information on our Calgary condo and commerical snow removal and lawn care maintenance.

NEWS: Superyard Super Snow Angel Winner is Wally Kanwischer from NW Calgary, click here for details.


Early snowfall in downtown Calgary.

September Snowfall in Calgary


Residential Snow Removal

If you are a home owner or residence, you can relax indoors while we remove the snow from your walkways and sidewalks.

City of Calgary By-Law on Clearing the Snow from Your Walks

The city by-law enforcement can make snow removal seem difficult since you only have 24 hours to do it without warnings or penalties.  Here is the City of Calgary web page on snow removal.  It is important to remove snow for safety and consideration of neighbours and others who must walk on your sidewalks.  Many need to walk to work, school, or the nearest bus stop and if your sidewalk is icy or has an accumulation of snow, walking along it may be too difficult.

Give Us an Excuse to Play in the Snow

The winter in Calgary can be long with snow and low temperatures all winter long, the snow and ice removal can be time consuming and  overwhelming, yet not for us.  We enjoy working outdoors in any capacity, but especially removing and clearing snow for people and businesses.  We like the exercise and doing a great job.

Give us an excuse to play in the snow…we’re Calgary snow removal enthusiasts.

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