Calgary Weed Removal Experts

We are your Calgary dandelion and weed control experts at prices you can afford. We deal with weeds in lawns, flowerbeds, and yards for residents, businesses and condo buildings. Let us deal with your weedy lawns, gardens and grounds so you don’t have to.

Prevent Germination and Remove Existing Weeds We provide Calgary weed control solutions that help prevent weeds from germinating in your lawn as well as herbicide applications for existing weeds. Of course, some weeds just need to be pulled; we do that too. We excel at all preventing and removing all types of weeds, including dandelions, crabgrass, clover and any others. You want your lawn to look picture perfect and provide a frame of inviting green curb appeal surrounding your house or building.

Weed Control for Businesses If you own a business you want your grounds to look clean and well-maintained.  Removing unsightly weeds is essential for business maintenance and appearance.  Let us help you, so your ground and property always looks great.

Weed Control for Condos Too many weeds in your condo grounds or lawns?  We can keep your lawn and grounds weed free and inviting to residents and visitors. This helps keep your condo real estate value at a premium.

Seasonal Maintenance or Weed Control Alone Whether you are a home owner, business or condo association,  we can help your weed problem. We can include weed and dandelion control in a seasonal yard or lawn maintenance package or just do the weed control job alone in one to several applications. We can do the whole job or provide only as much weed control assistance as you need.

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Calgary weed and dandelion control. Dandelions ruin this lawn's look.

Weed control is needed in this lawn with too many dandelions.