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Got Snow? Pt. Deux

Photo shows a girl having fun as she removes snow from a sidewalk.

In the previous post, we discussed some of the snow removal options available in Calgary, as well as some of the ways in which you can avoid injury should you choose to do your own snow removal. In this post, we’ll talk about hiring a trained professional for your snow removal services and some things to consider when choosing a Calgary snow removal company.

Photo shows a girl freezing her fingers off as she removes snow from a sidewalk.
So. Cold.

The DIY approach is no doubt the most affordable, it’s also time-consuming, annoying and potentially hazardous… And while we at Superyards love working outside in all weather, for most normal people nothing ruins a morning like freezing their fingers while shovelling the dead weight of fresh snow.

Unfortunately, snow removal is a necessary task that inevitably demands some sort of investment. Be it time, energy and/or money, removing snow in Calgary is about as inevitable as death and taxes.

Speaking of taxes… Did you know that the City of Calgary has spent $9.4 million on snow removal services between Jan. 1and Feb. 14 of this year, even with our remarkably mild weather? For the same time period last year, the city spent $18.7 million on snow removal services.

Now, to put this all into perspective, the City of Calgary’s annual snow removal budget currently sits at $35 million.

If this makes anything clear, it’s the fact that snow removal in Calgary is a big deal – nomatter how freakishly mild some winters might be.

Luckily our services are a lot more affordable than what the City of Calgary budgets for, as are the costs of most Calgary snow removal companies. The real dilemma comes when trying to decide which company to go with.

Questions such as “What kind of equipment do you use?” and “Do you use all your own staff, or do you sub-contract out?” are great to ask.

While some snow removal companies have a full arsenal of snow removal equipment at their disposal, some smaller and/or newer operations may have significantly fewer resources for tackling a big dump of snow. As a result, they may sub-contract out to others with more/better equipment and/or experience.

Calgary snow removal by Superyards
“A job done wrong” can mean the wrong walk gets shovelled.

However, this can be a double-edged sword. While these sub-contractors may have better equipment and more experience, it can often be like a game of telephone with messages being crossed and appointment times getting lost in translation. It can also lead to confusion when it comes to accountability if the job is done wrong.

Other questions you should ask are “How do you calculate your rate?” and “What is your snow removal response time? Is this response time guaranteed?”

Questions like these can make all the difference between choosing a reputable, established company like Superyards or a fly-by-night operation that closes down before the next snowfall.

Here at Superyards, we love what we do! Nothing makes us happier than working hard in the great outdoors. Our enthusiasm and years of experience brings a level of professional quality and skill that many companies simply don’t have. We know how to do a job right and on time. Contact us today to see how we can help you with all your residential and commercial snow removal and lawn care needs.