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Snow Removal is your Responsibility (But Superyards Can Help)

A tree that is not only covered in snow, but the snow around the tree is as high as it's branches.

snowtreeSo who is responsible for clearing snow from city sidewalks? According to city by-laws the owners or occupants are and they have 24 hours in which to remove it after a snowfall. So if you are the owner or occupant it is your job to remove the snow.

Here is what the city says:

“Under Street Bylaw 20M88, the owner or occupant of any private property adjacent to a sidewalk is deemed responsible for the removal of ice and snow from that portion of the sidewalk within 24 hours after the ice or snow has been deposited. Where a property owner cannot be identified or where a City-approved continuous barrier restricts access to the sidewalk, the property owner is exempted from the obligation to clear the sidewalk.”

So what happens if you don’t remove the snow? You get a warning and then if you don’t heed the warning, the city of Calgary will clear the snow themselves and then fine you to pay the expense.

“If a property owner or occupant does not remove snow and ice from a sidewalk adjacent to their property within 24 hours of a snowfall, The City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services may issue a warning notice directing the property owner or occupant to clear the sidewalk within a certain period of time. If the sidewalk is not cleared within that time, The City may have the snow and ice removed from the sidewalk at the property owner’s expense. Actual costs vary depending on the length of the sidewalk and the amount of ice and snow to be removed. Animal & Bylaw Services typically acts on snow and ice removal concerns on a complaint basis.”

While many people would like or mean to clear the sidewalks within 24 hours of a snowfall, they find themselves short on time and energy. Their family and work commitments don’t allow much spare time. Or they are physically unable to clear the snow themselves due to medical restrictions or other capabilities.

If you would like to clear the snow from your sidewalks in a timely matter but can’t or don’t have the time to it yourself, Superyards can help. We are your Calgary snow removal experts. We are friendly, reliable, super-efficient and super eager to please and ease your busy schedule, please contact us. Or call (403) 836-9273.