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You Have 24 Hours to Remove Snow

This photo is from the City of Calgary website.

This winter it has already snowed a lot in Calgary and it is only November. According to City of Calgary by-laws, residents and business owners have 24 hours to remove snow from the public sidewalks.

Click here to see the city information and bylaws.

For both businesses and residences, you have to clear your sidewalk in order not to receive a by-law enforcement ticket and fine.

Even if you never receive a fine, if you are a business owner you need your clients and employees to be able to enter easily and safely without slipping on ice or snow, so you’ll want to have your sidewalks, steps, and business frontage cleared after every snowstorm.  It is also better to have the snow cleared from the parking lot than letting it accumulate, making parking and walking into your business difficult.  Clearing snow after every storm can become onerous when you have a business to run.  Superyards can clear the path to your door, before your store, business, industrial or commercial site even opens. We are Calgary Commercial Snow Removal experts. We have the heavy equipment and the energy and enthusiasm to come promptly and clear quickly.

If you are a resident, you need to clear snow so people walking past your home will be able to do so safely.  Make sure you have a shovel handy or you can hire us.  We have all the equipment necessary and love working outdoors in both winter and summer.