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Calgary Lawn Care Services

Nobody Cares For Your Lawn Like Superyards.

You can trust our Calgary lawn care services to transform your yard into a Superyard.

Here at Superyards, we take the time and make the effort to prioritize customer satisfaction through superior lawn care services. We care for your lawn like it’s our own.

We have to admit, we’re kinda weird. Those rare and special folks who love mowing lawns, power raking, aerating, spreading grass seed and fertilizer, and fixing bald patches of grass – those are the folks who power our lawn care staff. Lawn care and yard maintenance, both commercial and residential, is what propel us out of bed each morning.

Believe us when we tell you that whatever care your lawn needs, we have what it takes to make it super.

Professional lawn care services for Calgary’s residential and commercial properties.

We have cared for more lawns than you can shake a stick at. But that’s not all we do – we are seasoned pros at caring for commercial properties and condo green spaces.

Superyards offers lawn care & maintenance packages tailored to the unique needs of commercial and multi-unit residential (ie: apartments and condos) properties.

Whether it’s basic lawn mowing and litter control or the “full shebang” of power raking, aeration, fertilizer treatments, mowing, and weed control – let our lawn care pros give your property the loving attention it deserves.

Photo of a Superyards employee cutting gras with a riding lawn mower

Budget-Conscious Lawn Care Packages:

With the increasing cost of pretty much everything, we know how important it is to get the most lawn service for your loonies. Luckily a healthy lawn doesn’t have to cost a fortune with Superyards.

From postage stamp front lawns to football field backyards, Superyards offers lawn care packages to suit pretty much every property and pocketbook. Contact us to find out how we can get you the best bang fo your buck.

We Geek Out On Gardening.

Folks call us lawn care “geeks”, and we’re darn proud of it!

When a lawn care company has been around as long as we have, it earns some true street cred. For us, it means we have become Calgary’s go-to lawn care geeks – a reputation we don’t mind one bit!

We geek out on all things lawn care, and we know our stuff. We know what it takes to make your property look lush and healthy over the long-term, and we stay up-to-date on developments in responsible gardening and lawn care practices.

Photo of a pair of hand holing a clump of moss with googly eyes on it.
Photo of a young girl and her dog resting on freshly mowed grass in Calgary.

Family Friendly Lawn Care.

This means we leave your lawn 100% primed and ready for whatever or whoever wants to frolic, play, crawl, or cartwheel and somersault on it.

Superyards is very proud to offer both “traditional” lawn care services, as well as yard care that focuses on sustainable, organic and holistic yard maintenance practices.

This includes: • using environmentally conscious fertilizer treatments • responsible weed management practices • holistic pest management strategies.

This, along with a variety of other sustainable best practices, is how we ensure that you, your family, your lawn, and our environment are responsibly cared for.

What Can Superyards Do For You?

Let Us Do Your Yard Work!

Leave your lawn and yard work in our experienced hands. 

Our lawn care pros know exactly how to keep your property professionally cared for, leaving you more time to enjoy it.

Calgary Lawn Mowing and Yard Work Maintenance.

From weekly or bi-weekly mowing, cutting, and trimming to periodic weeding and fertilization – with our comprehensive range of Calgary lawn care options, you’re sure to get the right care for your lawn’s specific needs.

Lawn mowing and yard work get us revved right up, but we know that’s not the case for most people. We make having a beautiful, well kept lawn easy so you can enjoy your yard with minimal sweat.  

But what if you enjoy working in your yard?

We absolutely understand that! If you like doing some yard work, but want a little extra help (from folks who know what they’re doing), then we’re here for you.

We can support you by mowing your lawn, raking your leaves, helping you with your springtime lawn prep work, fixing bald patches, shoveling snow, and/or whatever lawn work you need help with. We are your professional yard maintenance helpers.

Organic Lawn Care in Calgary

We also do organic lawn maintenance that is family friendly and respectful of our responsibilities towards our environment, our children, pets, and ourselves.

Call us and find out why we are one of the very best Calgary lawn care companies in town!

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Superyards will make your lawn green and healthy.

If you’re looking for top-notch lawn care services in NW Calgary, look no further!

Our team of experienced professionals offers a wide range of lawn care services to keep your lawn looking healthy and green all year round.

From mowing and edging to fertilization and weed control, we use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure your lawn is always in tip-top shape.

Whether you’re a residential or commercial customer, we offer flexible scheduling and affordable rates to meet your lawn care needs.

Click here for our NW Calgary Lawn Care page.

Contact us today to schedule your lawn care service and let us help you achieve the lush, vibrant lawn you deserve!

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Lawn care your family will love.
We’ll make your yard into a Superyard!