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Superyards Super Snow Angel Contest Winner

Congratulations to Wally Kanwischer of NW Calgary, the winner of the 2015 Superyards Super Snow Angel Contest.

Wally was nominated by his daughter Allison Orthner who says her dad 83 recently suffered a heart attack and should not be shoveling snow this winter.

We agree! Wally take it easy and let your super snow angel look after shoveling snow and ice from your yards walkways this winter.

Judging from the size of Wally’s yard, Superyards Super Snow Angel has his work cut out for him. Enjoy a happy restful winter season Wally!

Wally and his daughter AllisonThe 2015 Super Snow Angel Contest Winner
Wally and his daughter Allison The 2015 Super Snow Angel Contest Winner

Snow removal compliments of Superyards.