Calgary Lawn Care Specialists

Welcome to Superyards! Choose the lawn care company in Calgary that is committed to making your yard a Superyard!

Superyards takes the time and makes the effort to ensure that each customer receives quality lawn care service with every visit. We  love mowing, power raking, aerating, fixing bald spots and all kinds of yard work and lawn maintenance, both commercial and residential.

If you need professional lawn care for a commercial, industrial, office or condo organization, please see condo and commercial lawn maintenance for businesses.

We’re so enthusiastic, hard working, and friendly, we’re the best Calgary lawn care (if not in all of Canada).  We have the heavy equipment – such as mowers, aerators, and power rakers – so you don’t have to worry about buying and maintaining your own.

For Lawn Care – Calgary: 403-836-9273.

A green, healthy lawn in Calgary.

Superyards will make your lawn green and healthy.

Leave your time consuming yard work in our experienced hands.

From weekly or bi-weekly mowing, cutting, and trimming to periodic weeding and fertilization, our capable people will take care of it for you. We make lawn mowing and yard work easy so you can enjoy your summer with no sweat.  If you like working in the yard but need some help we can do that too, as little or as much as you need. We can mow your lawn, edge, rake the leaves, and fix bald spots or we can only do the parts you don’t like. We are your yard maintenance experts.

We also do organic lawn maintenance that is safer for the environment, children, pets, and you.

We have a great special offer for spring lawn clean up right now.  Click here for our Calgary lawn care deal.  The best lawn care in Calgary just got better.

You will enjoy our passion for yard work!  Call now: 403-836-9273.

A photo of Superyards lawn care work resulting in a lovely backyard.

We’ll make your yard into a Superyard!