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Calgary Landscaping Services

Landscaping in Calgary becomes stress-free with the seasoned pros at Superyards!

Transform an OK yard into a Superyard.

Landscaping, in addition to proper lawn care, is one of the most important improvements you can do for your property to increase curb appeal and market value.

Here at SuperYards, we provide superior professional landscaping services for residential and commercial properties of all shapes and sizes. Our decades of combined professional experience and our exacting attention to detail makes sure every Calgary landscaping project we complete is something that everyone involved can be proud of for years to come.

From walkways to water features (and beyond!)

We do it all, and we do it in a professional and efficient manner. We work with you to ensure we are respectful of your time, budget, and stylistic preferences.

Making your lawn and garden super is our passion and our profession! We love revitalizing a green space (or dead brown space, in some cases) and making it something beautiful.

Whether you want to turn your postage stamp yard into a mini-oasis or your large lot into a beautifully designed, people-friendly green space, we will make your landscape vision come to life.

Contact us to find out how we can help your yard truly blossom.

Photo of a Calgary landscaper holding a pot of gerber daisies with overlay text saying "let Superyards do the dirty work so you can stop to smell the flowers."

Calgary has a very unique climate, with a variety of conditions that can differ depending on where in the city you are. Our years of hands-on Calgary landscaping expertise has taught us the science and art of crafting an amazing landscaped space. Our landscapes look amazing and thrive throughout Calgary’s seasons and rollercoaster weather!

Calgary Landscaping FAQs

There are more flowers that thrive in Calgary than you might think! Our favourites are:

  • Columbines
  • Irises
  • Asiatic Lilies
  • Alpine Asters
  • Clematis
  • Globe Thistles
  • Yucca
  • Iceland Poppies

The City of Calgary’s website offers a great list of various perennials that are well-suited for Calgary’s unique climate, so be sure to take a look at their recommendations as well!

Container planting in Calgary can be intimidating, what with summer hail storms and autumn blizzards – but it doesn’t have to be! We recommend the “thriller, filler, spiller” technique for container gardens:

“Thriller plants” (ie. eye-catching, taller and vibrant) like dracaena or canna lilies work very nicely.

“Filler plants” such as firecracker plants and/or painted tongue are also beautiful for, well, fillers in your containers. Fillers are vital to preventing the container’s soil from drying out too quickly while adding more add depth and colour.

“Spiller plants” (ie. plants that spill down the sides of the container) add an elegant touch. We like using creeping jenny, ivy, and/or good old alyssum for this, but there are many more options to choose from!

Depending on the levels of sun exposure, southern Alberta boasts a plethora of amazing native plants to consider!

Full sun: Flowers like prairie nodding onion (which is edible), smooth aster, northern sweetvetch, and Rocky Mountain bee plant are just a few of the sunshine loving native flowers to opt for.

Partial sun: We love wild bergamot for its cool flowers )and the fact that it’s edible), but other native, partial shade loving plants such as heart leaved arnica, giant hyssop, and Joe Pye weed are also great and common faves for our beloved pollinators!

Shade tolerant: We love using early blue violet for an early blooming border plant! Other excellent options include Canada anemone, tall lungwort, and showy aster are all native to southern Alberta and are very shade-tolerant.

Superyards' Latest Projects

Shaganappi Estates

We take pride in our Calgary landscaping projects. This client needed a fresh, new look to replace the bare area around their sign. We designed a beautiful and vibrant landscape full of plants and flowers to make the property look more inviting.

Superyards understands your northwest Calgary landscaping needs and will assess your property to determine which design would look the best. We understand Calgary’s unique weather and will design a landscape that will flourish for years to come.