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A front yard in Crescent Heights with high curb appeal.

Crescent Heights Lawn Care

Crescent Heights is a historic neighbourhood in the northwest of Calgary. Crescent Heights was established in 1910. This beautiful NW Calgary community borders on McHugh Bluff and features panoramic views of the downtown skyline, the Bow River, and the Rocky Mountains. Crescent Heights is well known for its urban forest. One of the oldest trees in Crescent Heights is a Bur Oak that was planted in 1937 and can be seen on Crescent Heights Road. Many of the trees that provide much-needed shade are Elm, Birch, Trembling Aspen, and Green Ash. Calgary is known for having a very dry, arid climate that is not ideal for trees. The experts at Superyards will help you to determine what type of tree would best suit your property and yard. Superyards has extensive experience with lawn care in Calgary NW and can transform your yard.

NW Lawn Care for Every Size Lawn

Houses in Crescent Heights feature a diverse range of architecture. Many older bungalow-style homes in Crescent Heights have large lots. It can be very time-consuming to maintain a large yard and to keep it looking great. Let our lawn care experts maintain your lawn so that you can relax and enjoy it. In recent years, many new homes and infills have been built that have smaller yards. Superyards will transform your lawn into a beautiful outdoor space regardless of size.

Superyards is Environmentally Friendly

Crescent Heights is a very popular community in northwest Calgary because of its proximity to the downtown core. Many people who call this community home walk or ride their bikes to their work downtown. Walking up and down the stairs on McHugh Bluff is a great way to get exercise! This inner-city community has all the advantages of being centrally located but has the charm of beautiful homes, lawns, and gardens. Superyards is proud to provide the best lawn care in NW Calgary. Our lawn care experts use environmentally friendly products and lawn care techniques to keep your lawn looking lush. We don’t use any harsh chemicals. Call today for your free estimate. Superyards will transform your NW Calgary lawn!