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Are the Weeds Winning? Successful Weed Control in Calgary

Organic lawn care can remove dandelions like this.
Organic lawn care can remove dandelions like this.

Controlling and eradicating weeds in your lawn can prove to be a daunting
task. We all have neighbors that have the enviable thick, lush, green lawn
and we all have neighbors that neglect their lawn. What works for weed
control and what doesn’t?

Superyards in Calgary is a proponent of using corn gluten fertilizer to
create beautiful weed-free lawns. The corn gluten fertilizer has been
shown to be a pre-emergent weed control; as the corn gluten prevents the
broad-leaf weeds from germinating in your lawn. This can be entirely
proactive. No more dreading the appearance of new dandelions in your lawn.
One application by the Superyards crew will actively prevent dandelions in
your lawn for up to six weeks.

A fall application of the corn gluten fertilizer will weaken existing
dandelions right when they are gathering nutrients to prepare for winter!
Corn gluten fertilizer is natural and pet safe. Weed control is part of
Superyards’ strategy to provide Calgarians with the best lawn care.

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