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How to Fix Dog Spots in Your Lawn

Photo of dog making dead spots in lawnHave you ever noticed that the spots in your lawn where your dog poops and pees are brown or bare but the grass around them are a greener green than the rest of the grass? Dog excrement contains a lot of nitrogen, an ingredient in fertilizer. It’s the old problem of too much of a good thing. The trouble is that the urine and feces contain more nitrogen than the grass can handle so it makes brown or bare spots in your lawn. To fix this you can dilute the area with water after the dog goes or if you already have bald spots, you can overseed. Make sure you water for the next couple of weeks as the sprouts grow. Dusting the area with lime can help as well.

You can also make a small dog bathroom area and train your dog to go there with treats. Put cedar mulch on the area and clean up after your dog defecates. This will spare your lawn.

If you have a lot of brown or bare spots, Superyards can help.  We are Superyards lawn experts.