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Let It Snow

A child shoveling snow

Winter has arrived in Calgary with a vengeance! We have already had several big snowstorms and it’s only mid-way through November. The City of Calgary requires that all sidewalks be cleared within 24 hours of a snowfall. It can be tough to shovel all that snow, especially on a busy workday. It’s also frustrating to come home to snow that has been packed down before you have a chance to try and shovel. Superyards will take the stress out of snow. Our experts will ensure that your property has been cleared so that you don’t have to worry about shoveling. These are our top tips on shoveling safely.

How to Shovel Snow Safely

It can be tempting to grab a shovel and try to remove the snow as quickly as possible. This can be dangerous as many people don’t shovel properly and run the risk of straining their necks and backs. These tips will help you to avoid injury when shoveling.

  • Push the snow rather than lift it
  • Bend from your knees and not your back
  • Don’t twist your body while lifting
  • Stand with your feet at hip width for better balance
  • Hold the shovel close to your body

Shoveling is Hard Work

Shoveling can be a very strenuous activity. It places a lot of strain on your heart. You shouldn’t shovel if you have previously suffered from a heart attack or currently suffer from heart disease. Having high blood pressure can increase your risk of suffering from a heart attack while shoveling. It’s also important to remember that exhaustion can make you more susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite.

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We genuinely love getting out in the winter! We are eager to help you with all of your snow-clearing needs. Our experts will clear both residential and commercial properties. We also offer condo snow-clearing services. Contact Superyards today to learn more about the snow removal Calgary loves!