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When to Cut Your Lawn

Green well-kept lawn

How often should you cut your grass? How long should your grass be after mowing. These are the eternal, and sometimes controversial, questions of good lawn care.

The first question is easy to answer. If you think your lawn looks a mess, cut it. It will look better and you will be satisfied. Never mow when your grass is wet, especially if it is long. The weight of your mower and your footsteps will press the wet grass into the soil and may result in unsightly yellow or even bare spots.

Fancy grasses can be cut short – less than one and one-half inches – two or three times a week. These grasses are very expensive, however, and need a lot of close care, not unlike golf putting greens. Most ordinary grasses look best and grow best at between one and one-half and two and one-half inches. Three and one-half inches is doable, but, again requires more care.  Mowing once a week should be sufficient.

If you cut your grass too short this can result in dry spots as the roots are not able to take up enough water. Watering twice a week for about an hour is usually enough in ordinary weather. A particularly dry summer may require more watering. It’s always good to cut your grass short – one and one-half inches – the last time you mow in the autumn.

Finally, of course, remember your neighbours. No mowing at 7:00 am on the weekend. Wait until 11:00 and everyone will feel much better.

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