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How to Safely Mow your Lawn

Photo of blue shoes on green lawn
Always wear shoes while mowing the lawn.

Lawn mowing accidents happen all the time so take precautions instead of a trip to the emergency room or doctor’s office.  It’s easy to reduce the risk of an accident if you follow a few safety tips.

  1. Wear shoes with covered toes and safety goggles.
  2. Remove branches, rocks, toys, tools, dog turds, and other obstacles.  If grass is too long to see well, walk through it and carefully look for hidden obstacles or rake it first.
  3. If mowing on an incline, stay above the mower as much as possible so you don’t inadvertently mow over your own feet.
  4. Use a weed trimmer for edges instead of the mower.
  5. Maintain your mower’s blades and engine if it has one.  Secure loose parts like handles.
  6. Keep children and pets out of the yard while mowing.
  7. Don’t rain after it rains or if grass is wet.  This makes the grass too heavy and nothing functions as easily or well.
  8. Don’t mow in excessive heat or sun.  Cover up and use sunscreen and drink plenty of water.
  9. Or you can always hire a professional do it for you.

Superyards would love to do your lawn care if you live in Calgary, Alberta.