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Make Your Yard a Kaleidoscope of Colour

Garden Colour in Calgary’s Memorial Park

Superyards wants to help make your yard a kaleidoscope of colour this spring. If you don’t like chemical fertilizers you don’t have to use them. Natural, organic fertilizers are readily available or you can do it yourself cheaply and easily by composting. Whichever method you chose, Superyards is ready to help ensure that your natural fertilizer is applied at the right time and in the right amount.

Composting is probably the most satisfying method because it costs next to nothing and you know exactly what is in the fertilizer being applied on your lawn and gardens. Even better, you don’t have to haul it.

What is compost? Essentially it is your household garbage. Grass clippings, fallen leaves, fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds and paper products all combine to create a dark, rich fertilizer that will make your grass greener and your flowers and vegetables a bright rainbow of colors. Be careful, however, not to include any plastics, salad dressing, meat, fish, dead animals or animal waste in your compost pile or bin. Use caution when raking leaves in the fall and stick to before meal preparation scraps avoiding leftovers.

You have to start early though; it takes a while for your compost to build up and decompose into a nitrate and phosphorus rich loam. You can begin this spring with cow and/or chicken manure if it is available. Remember that the nutritional value of these traditional natural fertilizers depends on the animals living on a natural diet and the manure being reasonably fresh. It loses its nutrient value as it dries. Purchase your supplies from small, preferably organic, farms or, if allowed, raise your own chickens.

If you want help just call us at Superyards, we stand ready to assist with your lawn or do it all.