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Pay Attention if you Live on a Snow Route

A photo of a snow route sign.
A photo of a snow route sign.
Here’s a snow route sign from City of Calgary website.

When big snow comes the last thing you need is to be without a car, but you may well be if you happen to miss a snow alert. Calgary has been a lot wetter place recently with snow filling the streets more often than anyone can remember.

Time was you could expect a big dump once, twice, at most three times in a winter. The old joke used to be a few centimeters of snow comes down then is blown to Winnipeg and back all winter. No more. This year centimeters fall upon centimeters upon meters until you can barely see your car parked at the front curb let alone drive it out. But you had better get at it quick if you live on a Snow Route because the city will move it for you and you won’t like where they take it.

Record snowfalls have caused the city to declare all major and collector roads and bus routes in Calgary to be Snow Routes with no parking allowed for up to 72 hours during a “Snow Event”. This permits city crews easy and quick access to major roads, collector roads, community access roads and most bus routes. The bans remain in effect until the city declares they have been lifted.

So, be prepared and you won’t be caught without a car. If you suspect a Snow Event is in the offing, or even if you don’t, check it out before going to bed or as soon as you get up in the morning. In addition to radio and television announcements, events are declared on the web, Calgary.ca/snow, on twitter, @yyctransport, via Email if you subscribe and on the telephone by calling 311 to hear a recorded message. You can get more information on the City of Calgary Snow Route. You can download an app for your android, blackberry, or iphone on that page.

If your car is packed into the snow call Superyards for snow removal and they’ll be there before you are dressed. Why not contract with Superyards, then you won’t even have to make a phone call. Superyards will also do all your sidewalks giving you an open path to your car. If you require a clear space behind your house to park during a Snow Event, Superyards will take care of that too. If fact, Superyards will take care of everything outside your house winter and summer so you don’t have to.