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Lend a Hand, Remove the Snow

Photo shows a girl having fun as she removes snow from a sidewalk.
Photo shows a girl having fun as she removes snow from a sidewalk.
Clearing your sidewalks, it’s the Canadian thing to do.

Many Canadians have a certain level of pride at being able to navigate the harsher elements of what our winters can throw at us.  There is an underlying thrill at being able to face the unpredictability of our winters and keep on going.  And we are smart about it.  We know what to drive, how to drive it and, more importantly, how to layer our clothes to actually walk through it.

Interestingly enough, it is not pride that Canadians are globally known for.  It is compassion and lending a helping hand.  We are known for caring about our fellow man.  That intrinsic part of our nature shone through brightly when, recently, Calgary was devastated by flooding waters.  Calgarians dropped everything and rushed forward to lend a hand to anyone in need.  Because that is what we do, we help each other.

But it doesn’t require a major emergency to help your fellow man.  There are everyday things that can make a difference in someone else’s life. Our winters are harsh and there is a large portion of the populace that is required to walk to their destination, be that public transportation, school, postal carriers or the meter reader.  Trudging over snow and ice covered side walks is both tiring and potentially hazardous.

As someone that walks to the bus stop, there is always a sense of relief and appreciation to hit a section of the side walk that has been cleaned and salted.  On the other side of that coin is the feeling of trepidation and frustration of trying to navigate side walks that are covered in snow and possibly ice.  Nothing can ruin a day faster than taking a bone jarring slam to the ground and for the elderly or handicapped it could mean a trip to the hospital.

I get that life is busy.  But life is always going to be busy and yet we can still find the time for what is important to us.  So make clearing your side walk important because it is so very important to all the people that walk on it.  Lend a helping hand – it’s the Canadian way.

If you don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to do your own walks Superyards can do it for you, because that is what we love to do: snow removal in Calgary.